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“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 




poster for tomorrow - Work Right!
Everybody’s right to fair and equal employment.
Work - either doing it or looking for it - is a fact of life. Moreover, in 2014, with much of the world still gripped by the economic crisis and life expectancy increasing every year, more of us are looking for fewer jobs for more time. It doesn’t mean that the increasing demand for work should result in the exploitation of workers.
The right to work - and our right to work right - is a huge issue.
It covers everybody with a job in the whole world - whether it’s legal or illegal - and that’s everybody.
It covers people too young to work, people forced into work, people who can’t work, people who earn nothing and even people who make lots of money if they’re not paid the right wage for their labor.
All of these people need to know their right to work without exploitation, discrimination or prejudice. Also, this is what we want you to help us broadcast this year.
Whether it’s people dying to build a World Cup in Doha, people working too long for too much money
in London, people in Sao Paolo being denied access to work because they’re in a wheelchair or people committing suicide in Shenzen because of their working conditions, people are still suffering at work as much as they were hundreds of years ago.
You can tackle any angle you want – and you know best - whether it’s child labor, prostitution, equal pay for women, equal access and employment for disabled people, decent working hours and conditions - whatever injustice inspires you to let people know of their right to work right.
You might have seen it, you might have heard about it, or you might even have experienced. Whatever it is, it’s time for a change!
Insight: Everybody with a job has the right to a fair wage and decent working conditions. Message: Fair employment not exploitation!




Work Right! Design Right! 



We raise awareness, right wrongs, change behaviors, protect the unprotected, send many revolving messages and visuals in beauty, trying to change the world to a better place via our designs. Nevertheless, we fall off the cracks to design for the most important topic of all times “Our Rights, Designers Rights.” Struggling with a moody client, redoing the designs, again and again, staying late in the office, working on holidays and most sadly not getting paid! 



If you are a designer and reading this, I’m sure that you didn’t get paid many times for your designs. Please, stand for your rights, get paid. Work Right! Design Right!



W: 70 cm x H: 100 cm.

Wesam Logo Black.png
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