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the burning poster series


Simplicity is the highest level of complexity, complexity is the highest level of simplicity. 



Wildfires are ravaging! Are we going to confine it before it decimates what is left of the species or shall we remain ignorant until they go extinct?


Imagine if major art museums caught fire, are we going to respond the same way to it as our natural museums "Forests"?


We will reach a boiling point where a Monalisa's Smile and a Chimpanzee's Scream have no common grounds but forgotten ashes. "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust." 


The posters have been set on fire and photographed in realtime.



Laser printing burns faster than inkjet printing. 



W: 70 x H: 100 cm.

The Burning Poster Series - Tiger.jpg
The Burning Poster Series - Chimpanzee.j
The Burning Poster Series - Koala.jpg
The Burning Poster Series - Bear.jpg
The Burning Poster Series - Human.jpg
Wesam Logo.png
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