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rusted tears


Simplicity is the highest level of complexity, complexity is the highest level of simplicity. 



The Union of Designers International Poster Exhibition has requested to design a poster for their "Water Crisis" exhibition in Namseoul University Art Center Gallery in Seoul, South Korea.    



The adult human body averaged is 65% of water.



What is emotionally more powerful in the history of mankind than the image of a human tear? Inspiration at the most sensational moment combined with rationale determination to wipe off these tears, visualize it and put into a great cause.



How many running faucets we have left behind? How many drops of water have been and still draining out for nothing? This is nothing but the ugly truth of our daily consumption of water.

A rusted future where it is out of the water but full of tears? A thirsty realm where we have to suffer, cry and drink back our tears to survive?

Save water or someday, there will be no water but our tears.



By replacing metaphorically the human eye with a plughole of a sink, I have quod erat demonstrandum the image of water consumption of the past and the current present, echoing away in a single tear ( a drop of water) into the rusted future of mankind.

Hours of collective photo manipulation and retouching took place to give birth to the final outcome. Every single element was studied separately and carefully. The typographic characters, for example, were composed differently; every letter was altered from the rest of its peers to make it randomly realistic and naturally rusted.



W: 70 cm x H: 100 cm.

Wesam Logo.png
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