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press appearances

2022, FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT JUROR CALLS FOR YOUTH TO «WAKE UP», East Tennessean by East Tennessean ETSU Newspaper, Nov 7, 2022. Tennessee, USA.

2016, "A'Design Silver Award Winner Wesam Mazhar Haddad Interview", Editor Frank Scott (FS) from DesignPRWire, April, COMO/ITALY.

2014, "Designer Haddad wins the international competition (Poster Heroes 4)", AlRai Newspaper, May, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2013, "Haddad to the finals in the international poster competition (To Death with a Smile) in Mexico", November, Al-Rai Newspaper, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2010, "Artist Wesam Haddad reaches the final stage in the Golden Bee Biannual in Russia, AlRai Newspaper Issue 14541, page 61, August, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2009, VIVA Culture "Artist of the Month (Wesam Haddad)", VIVA Magazine Vol 5 Issue 6, pages 48-49, November, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2008, "Artist Haddad reaches the final stage in Biannual TAMgA in Russia, AlRai Newspaper, Abwab Issue 13952, page 7, December, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2007, "Day1: IdcN Commemorative Conference: Design for Social Innovations, Speaker Wesam Mazhar Haddad", Press Release, December, NAGOYA/JAPAN.

2007, "A Jordanian designer reaches the final stage in an international competition in Hong Kong", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13542, page 50, November, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2007, "A Jordanian graphic designer wins the Gold in Nagoya Japan", Anty Magazine, Issue 15, page 48, February, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2007, "Jordanian Graphic Designer Haddad receives Nagoya’s Gold Award", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13246, page 43, January, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2006, "The Jordanian Artist Haddad Wins the Gold Award in the International competition (Nagoya Design DO!) in Japan", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13165, page 43, October, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2006, "Jordanian Graphic Designer Haddad to the finals in Nagoya International Competition", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13056, page 66, June, AMMAN/JORDAN.

press appearances

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