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press appearances

2016, "A'Design Silver Award Winner Wesam Mazhar Haddad Interview", Editor Frank Scott (FS) from DesignPRWire, April, COMO/ITALY.

2014, "Designer Haddad wins the international competition (Poster Heroes 4)", AlRai Newspaper, May, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2013, "Haddad to the finals in the international poster competition (To Death with a Smile) in Mexico", November, Al-Rai Newspaper, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2010, "Artist Wesam Haddad reaches the final stage in the Golden Bee Biannual in Russia, AlRai Newspaper Issue 14541, page 61, August, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2009, VIVA Culture "Artist of the Month (Wesam Haddad)", VIVA Magazine Vol 5 Issue 6, pages 48-49, November, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2008, "Artist Haddad reaches the final stage in Biannual TAMgA in Russia, AlRai Newspaper, Abwab Issue 13952, page 7, December, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2007, "Day1: IdcN Commemorative Conference: Design for Social Innovations, Speaker Wesam Mazhar Haddad", Press Release, December, NAGOYA/JAPAN.

2007, "A Jordanian designer reaches the final stage in an international competition in Hong Kong", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13542, page 50, November, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2007, "A Jordanian graphic designer wins the Gold in Nagoya Japan", Anty Magazine, Issue 15, page 48, February, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2007, "Jordanian Graphic Designer Haddad receives Nagoya’s Gold Award", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13246, page 43, January, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2006, "The Jordanian Artist Haddad Wins the Gold Award in the International competition (Nagoya Design DO!) in Japan", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13165, page 43, October, AMMAN/JORDAN.

2006, "Jordanian Graphic Designer Haddad to the finals in Nagoya International Competition", AlRai Newspaper Issue 13056, page 66, June, AMMAN/JORDAN.

press appearances

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