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The logotype for Dr. Saed Haddad "Jordanian & Western Contemporary Music Composer" is created out of an Arabic calligraphy structure derived from the name of the composer.

Using a penmanship Arabian calligraphy style called "Thulth," combining it with musical notes instead of the pronouncing diacritic symbols. I have implemented the known musical notes as the ornamental diacritic symbols to interpret the composer philosophy as an "Other" within the Western cultural context and his culture heritage (Where contemporary music doesn't exist, is not understood neither appreciated).

In the Arabic language, we use the diacritic symbols along with every single letter to specify the sound of the letter and eventually, the meaning of the word.

The diacritic symbols in Arabic calligraphy as well are used to add beauty and fulfillment to the composition of the calligraphic piece.


The geometric pattern of the "Thulth" style in Arabic calligraphy is in harmony with the nature of the subject. The "Thulth" penmanship style is distinguished in Arabic calligraphy for spirituality, flexibility, and it's endless possibilities in composing different forms and shapes.



Wesam Logo.png