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media-corona, the real virus


Simplicity is the highest level of complexity, complexity is the highest level of simplicity. 



2020 International Graphic Design Exhibition Against Infectious Diseases

The "New Youth Designers Alliance" calls on the global community of designers to create posters works with the theme of " BREATH • SYMBIOSIS." We "share the same breath and destiny". Fight against "NCP" with design strength, eulogize anti-epidemic spirit, publicize anti-epidemic knowledge, and advocate harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.  



With contradictory information about COVID-19 emerging from the highest levels of governments, media spreading rumors, sensationalism, and other forms of disinformation are becoming the actual pandemic.



Misleading content spreads faster than the virus itself. Making it more contagious and life-threatening. Nothing is more frightening than a virus that fills our minds and hearts with racism, fear, anxiety, and misjudgment. Media is the real virus.



W: 50 cm x H: 70 cm.

Wesam Logo.png
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