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matchsticks forest poster series



Simplicity is the highest level of complexity; complexity is the highest level of simplicity.



Suspension bridges, high-rise buildings, huge resorts. Undergoing development rapidly in Jordan; nevertheless, we still deforesting the green, consuming matchsticks and abuse it! What a Parallel Equation! The revelation comes across in any sort. It comes as a heartache consideration for the unstopping desertification in my homeland, as a stroke admiration for a Jackson Pollock's painting, or as a haphazard combination between a hairbrush and useless matchsticks.



One tree makes a million matchsticks; one matchstick burns a million trees.



Worthless leftover matchstick was the main afflatus in this work. Every single entity of a matchstick stands out as a unique character, a piece of art. It resembles the shape of a living being (Tree). 



A composition out of matchsticks was a complicated project. Working with such fragile and sensitive elements was a huge challenge — thousands of matchsticks used to accomplish these visuals. A small blow, an unintended move could destroy days of working.




W: 70 cm x H: 100 cm.

Wesam Logo.png
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