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Freedom knot


Simplicity is the highest level of complexity, complexity is the highest level of simplicity. 



Based on Wikipedia "The shape of the emblem in the Iranian flag is chosen to resemble a tulip, in memory of the people who died for Iran: it is an ancient belief in Iran, dating back to mythology, that if young soldiers die patriotically, a red tulip will grow on their grave. In recent years, it has been considered the symbol of martyrdom".

Unfortunately, the symbol nowadays is representing aggression, imprisonment, torturing, enslavement, and ripping the people of Iran of their basic Human Rights. The tulip shape of the emblem should instead memorialize those who have died for Iran fighting for the values of freedom, self-sacrifice, and the pursuit of liberty. 

The hair emblem knot in the poster represents the stubbornness of the Iranian regime, imprisoned by the teeth of the comb. The broken teeth of the comb assemble the Iranian people who died for their freedom. 


This poster is dedicated to "Mahsa Amini" who died for not wearing a Hijab. Hair doesn't kill people, ideologies, narrow-mindedness, and brutality do.



W: 100 x H: 70 cm.

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