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consume less save more 

poster, flyer, and postcard


Simplicity is the highest level of complexity, complexity is the highest level of simplicity. 



Inspired by the surrealistic paintings of "Déjà Vu" - having visuals reflected within the entire image; combined along with the international paper size standards concept that allows scaling without loss of image from one size to another. Thus an A4 page can be enlarged to A1 and retain the exact proportions of the original document.



Chanting the requiem of a dead tree - a slogan we hide in every piece of paper we consume. is it the absence of deliverance that we panic or is it just the fear of being so obvious? Stepping by a thousand tragic colors revolving in beauty; words forlorn of all hopes - shattered gestures broke into emblems and became souvenirs as they inverted upon a surface of an ephemeral realm of dimensions - erratic eyebrows fissured estranged. Alas! an ecological exhibition; outstanding visuals, well-crafted posters with contra messages - all salute to protecting the balance of nature. what a balance, a funeral of papers… beheaded trees?

On both sides of the tragedy, consuming never walks backward, but forward - consume less, save more.


By shifting the aggressive term "Die Cut", I came up with multi-use products out of one piece. Visually, an A1 poster with a void inside; creating an A4 flyer which in terms of the same structure finally creates an A7 postcard of the same first visual.



A1 Poster, W: 59.4 cm x H: 84.1 cm

A4 Flyer, W: 21 cm x H: 29.7 cm

A7 Postcard, W: 7.4 cm x H: cm 10.5

Consume less Save more_Wesam_Mazhar_Hadd
Consume_Less_Save More_Wesam_Mazhar_Hadd
Wesam Logo.png
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