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choices repeat themselves



Client Brief

Systematic food: OBESITY AND MALNUTRITION: The change in lifestyle and nutrition cause a dual and contrasting effect: the problems of overweight and obesity in industrialized countries, the phenomenon of malnutrition in the developing nationalities. The daily choices that creative people are called to tell are the way to promote a more balanced global food system.



Simplicity is the highest level of complexity; complexity is the highest level of simplicity.



Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image." Alas! What a Parallel Equation.


Creative Trigger

“Playing with Time.”


Creative Technique

By reshaping the body structure of Adam and Eve in the old famous engraving piece "Adam and Eve" by Albrecht Dürer in 1504 into grossly fat and overweight bodies, I have emphasized on the delicate truth of our daily choices and the consequences that we are committing by our free will. Replacing the “Apple” in the original artwork with a piece of “Burger” indicates a turning point of ruining the image of ourselves and the image of our God without learning from the previous sins we have made and punished for it since the dawn of time.



W: 70 cm x H: 100 cm.

Wesam Logo Black.png
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