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Commercial Bank 40th Anniversary Integrated Campaign
Jarir Store - Back to School - Me & My Character - TV Commerical
Samsung - Air Condition - Winter adapts early this summer
Samsung - Vaccum Cleaner - A Blackhole Suction
Samsung - International Ozone Day - Committed to reduce the hole
Trust Reinsurance - In Trust We Trust - Corporate Campaign
KA Fabrics - Seasons Collections
Flex Gym - What's your excuse?
Jordan Media Institute - The palest ink is better than the best memory
Samsung Galaxy S II - Teaser Countdown Ads
Samsung Galaxy S II - Revealer Ad
Virgin Radio launch - International Station with an Eastern buzz - Mainstream Ads
Shawkat Al-Shami Jewelry - "Escape" - New Casual Line Jewelry
Imseeh Jewelry - Wedding Collection - Memories V.S. Diamonds
Imseeh Jewelry - Summer Collection Campaign
Shehbaya - Home Made Burger
Imseeh Jewelry - Summer Collection
Nissan Murano - Super Car/Low Price
Tefal Pan - Nonstick! Give up!
Guy Laroche - Grand Opening
ACIG Insurance - Medical Malpractice Insurance
Tefal Pan - Nonstick! Give up!
ACIG Insurance - Mug Design
Eng Mug.jpg
ACIG CEO Presentation-53.jpg
ACIG Insurance - Annual Report Design
ACIG CEO Presentation-56.jpg
Marcel's Frozen Yogurt - Light & Natural 
Marcel's Frozen yoghurt2.jpg
Marcel's Frozen yoghurt1.jpg
Gutz Energy Drink - Challenge needs Gutz
Gutz Energy Drink Visual1.jpg
Gutz Energy Drink Visual2.jpg
Gutz Energy Drink Visual3.jpg
Do You Dare Visual1.jpg
Do You Dare Visual2.jpg
Do You Dare Visual3.jpg
Wesam Logo Black.png